thinkingOne of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges is to identify your ideal client.

Who are they?

What do they REALLY want?

I know this from first hand experience, because when I first started my business, my potential clients told me what they didn’t want. They needed it but they didn’t want it.

So as an entrepreneur, what’s one supposed to do?

You’ll hear the typical things like:

  • Ask directly
  • Create surveys
  • Interview your clients
  • Find out where they like to hang out
  • What magazines do they read
  • Who do they follow
  • And so on?

If you’ve been there you know this can actually lead to more confusion. What do I do with all this information?

You can’t just list it.

“Hey do you read Cosmo, love red high heals and like to hang out at the park? “ That’s just creepy.

On the other side, if you have enough data and you’ve spoken to enough people you’ll start to see something different.

You can start to read between the lines.

Unlike what others might suggest this takes time. It takes patience. You’ve got to put big chunks of information together to form patterns and meaning. How does everything connect?

You might even need to do a little digging.

Have you been hearing a negative message from your clients? What does it mean? Why do they keep saying that? It’s not about you, there’s something to learn in the message. What could you learn from the negative messages? Go back read them thoroughly, make a list of them, and read them for the hidden meanings.

Allow yourself to sit in the unknown for a little while. You might even meditate or dream about your client just before going to bed, think about everything you know and let the ideas flow to you.

There’s a flow to this. It comes from you and it comes from your clients. The ones you currently have and your future clients.

Want to dive deeper into what your clients might be saying check on the coaching light video below.

When you’re done with the video share your thoughts and insights below. I’d love to read them. If you ask a very specific question there’s a good chance you’ll get an answer as well.

If you’re going to have success in your business and achieve your goals you’ll need a few essential pieces. For one, you need intense focus. When you’re focused on a particular outcome you’ve got to be ready to play full out and make a very deep commitment to getting results.

Next you need awareness. What are you doing right and how are you holding yourself back? If you don’t know this you can spend a lot of time working extremely hard with no results, a lot of exhaustion, and a feeling of emptiness inside – “what am I doing wrong?”

Once you’ve developed awareness, it’s all about self-mastery. Having awareness without making the necessary changes will not enhance your life. What are you aware of that you need to change right now?

And, finally it’s about time mastery. It’s about using your time effectively, making fast decisions and commitments and changing your mind slowly. To start getting fast results you’ve got to make fast decisions. If you’re ready to make a life changing decision and get some fast results apply for your complimentary decision-making session immediately. Fast decisions get fast results.

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