Why Virtual Freedom Business Coaching?

We specialize in helping Professional Services Businesses with remote teams double and triple productivity and profits so that you can finally earn the income you deserve.

Dr. Priya Bains, PhD Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  If you’d like to learn more click to the About Page.

I have been a self employed entrepreneur for many years. I have managed to do well, but not soar. Working with Priya took me outside of my everyday business mindset and allowed me to open up to new ideas and options when it comes to running my business. [Read More]

Tess Keeran

Real Estate Broker

Priya Bains should be every business owner’s secret weapon.  I had a general sense as to who I needed to hire and thought that my own background in recruiting would help me identify the best candidates.  I could not have been more wrong.  [Read More]

Madelaine Coelyn