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So how does it work?!!



Increase efficiency so that everyone wonders how you were able to accelerate your business so dramatically to create success!


Begin to understand your natural leadership style. Inspire your team to present even more powerfully so that your business grows exponentially.  Lead others to transform their thinking about business and problem solving.

Team Strategy

Lead a spectacular team of superstars. Because you know the secrets, you’ll get what you need from your team on time, when you need it, and without panic or stress. You’ll know if things are about to go wrong in your business before they do and you won’t get caught off guard by timezones. Instead, timezones will become your competitive advantage.

Business Frameworks

Your business frameworks will become the important support beams that you will be able to rely on to ensure that everything flows smoothly no matter where you desire to work!

You’ll support people you’re meant to at even higher levels!

You’ll no longer give up you life for work and and unsatisfying pay.  You’re team will be happier, more productive, and they’ll contribute more than ever.  You’ll be free to experience the life you deserve with family and friends and travel without worrying if your business will shut down while you’re away. 

At Virtual Freedom Coaching we help take Professional Services businesses and move them towards greater success.

Schedule your complimentary consultation now and see why so many entrepreneurs like you love what they do!



I love working with Priya! She has a clear, no-nonsense approach and I come away from each session with tons of new ideas, strategies, and possibilities that I had never considered, which is always fun and exciting.

Kendall Ritz

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