Nerdy little me has been going back to the research and I came across one of those cool perspectives that alters everything you have been taught to believe and shifts your “common sense”.

I’m putting “common sense” in brackets because, based on Attribution Theory, my common sense isn’t all that common.

One thing I’ve always been taught, and teach others, is “take responsibility for your actions”.

So, even before I get into what I’m about to say, I think there is still a place for personal responsibility.

Being a coach, I’m admittedly stuck on the idea but open to challenging my thoughts about it (sorta).

So here is the common sense altering perspective based on work by Seligman and colleagues in the late 90’s.  According to their work you can create a positive attitude by blaming your environment.

I know right!?  That’s what I first thought as well.  We’re always taught to take responsibility and not blame others, so how does this work?

If you want to more details on how this works click on the video link below.

If you’re going to have success in your business and achieve your goals you’ll need a few essential pieces.  For one, you need intense focus.  When you’re focused on a particular outcome you’ve got to be ready to play full out and make a very deep commitment to getting results.

Next you need awareness. What are you doing right and how are you holding yourself back?  If you don’t know this you can spend a lot of time working extremely hard with no results, a lot of exhaustion, and a feeling of emptiness inside – “what am I doing wrong?”

Once you’ve developed awareness, it’s all about self-mastery. Having awareness without making the necessary changes will not enhance your life. What are you aware of that you need to change right now?

And, finally it’s about time mastery. It’s about using your time effectively, making fast decisions and commitments and changing your mind slowly. To start getting fast results you’ve got to make fast decisions. If you’re ready to make a life changing decision and get some fast results apply for your complimentary decision-making session immediately. Fast decisions get fast results.

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