Being a leaderHow do you know you’ve come across a leader?

I’ve asked this question in a few training seminars and the answers I hear are:

  • They dress well
  • They’re funny
  • Easy to get along with
  • They have presence
  • They have a particular office

These are characteristics that we’ve been trained, culturally, to associate with leadership.

However, what do we remember our great historical leaders for?

It’s a tangible result, a movement, a shift in mindset, and leading people towards a particular result.

Martin Luther King, Jr. advanced the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Gandhi led India to Independence.

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, which now has 4500 sisters and spreads across 133 countries to help people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and tuberculosis, while providing mobile clinics, family counseling programs and more.

In all fairness, these are large-scale results. Small-scale results count as well.

In business, results mean positive changes in behaviors and higher revenues.   Are you able to lead your team to communicate and collaborate so that you achieve a positive financial return in your business?

The point is, leadership is not a position, it’s not playing politics, it’s not technical intelligence, and it’s not about an ambitious drive to the top that knocks down everyone that gets in your way.

Leadership is about leading people – your team & your clients– to achieve positive results and revenues.

If you provide a service that is not connected to your clients’ revenue, lead your team to create revenues in your business and lead your clients towards achieving the result you promise, whether it’s weight loss, feeling better emotionally, improved health, better relationships or something else.

Ironically the biggest challenges “leaders” face, involve leading themselves, hiring team members, working virtually and resolving conflicts.

So, if you want to learn a few ways to improve your own ability to lead yourself and your team and to get FAST results watch the video below.

When you’re done with the video share your thoughts and insights below. I’d love to hear them.

If you’re going to have success in your business and achieve your goals you’ll need a few essential pieces. For one, you need intense focus. When you’re focused on a particular outcome you’ve got to be ready to play full out and make a very deep commitment to getting results.

Next you need awareness. What are you doing right and how are you holding yourself back? If you don’t know this you can spend a lot of time working extremely hard with no results, a lot of exhaustion, and a feeling of emptiness inside – “what am I doing wrong?”

Once you’ve developed awareness, it’s all about self-mastery. Having awareness without making the necessary changes will not enhance your life. What are you aware of that you need to change right now?

And, finally it’s about time mastery. It’s about using your time effectively, making fast decisions and commitments and changing your mind slowly. To start getting fast results you’ve got to make fast decisions. If you’re ready to make a life changing decision and get some fast results apply for your complimentary decision-making session immediately. Fast decisions get fast results.

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