One of the things I do every new year is declutter.

I look at old documents, take the good stuff, and delete the rest.  Yes, in the beginning it’s a huge process so I limit myself to 10 things per day (until I’m done, or I keep going as long as it takes)

It helps me get inspired, cleans up my space, and gets me organized for the new year.

Today, as I was cleaning, I found a list of “10 things to let go of” that I created a while ago and I thought I would share with you!


  1. Settling:settling for a life, partner, home, job or anything that, in your heart, isn’t good enough.
  2. Crying: Meaning, let go of the tears, let go of the sadness, let it out and move on.  Holding back those emotions serves no one and you end up crying over weird stuff like a missed text message.
  3. Uncontrollable emotion:This gets back to those emotions you’ve been holding in that make you look like the crazy lady when they show up at the wrong time. Like losing it while shopping because your kid just has to have a SuperSport 6 Volt Three Wheeled Motorcycle. Release the emotions, meditate and find your centre.
  4. Clutter: Yup, both mental clutter and those piles of clothes and papers that make your blood turn into a volcanic ooze of molten lava.
  5. Unfinished projects: You know the ones.  You’ve been talking about them for the last six years and when you open your mouth a momentary deafening silence falls upon the crowd.
  6. Old wardrobe: This is what I call your lack wardrobe.  These are the clothes you hold on to “just in case I don’t have the money to buy more,” or “just in case I get fat again.”  Ya, I said “fat”.  Get rid of the old clothes.  Get rid of the lack mentality.
  7. Unsupportive people:They are kind of like your old wardrobe.  You know you’re ready to leave them and you don’t need them anymore.  Yet, you hold on for dear life, in case you can never make a friend, ever, ever, ever, again.You will find a new friend.  Trust me on that one.  It’s like shopping.  Need new jeans? Go out and buy new jeans.  Sometimes you have to look around for a while and try a few pairs on to find the right fit.  This can lead to one of those weird, uncontrollable emotional moments of crying in the changing room, but you will find new jeans, and you will find new friends.
  8. Tiredness: Yes, let go of that too.  Take a damn power nap already!!!  When you’re rested you’ll make up for the lost time lickety split.  Go to bed early.  Sleep-in an extra hour.  Get rested.
  9. Broken things: You don’t need to live with broken things.  Fix them or get rid of them.  Every time you see something broken it’s like subtly telling yourself, “I’m broken, I can’t afford to fix that.”  Get rid of broken things.
  10. Things that make you feel broke:  Your shitty car.  Your ripped shirt.  Those stained jogging pants.  The sweater with so many pills on it you could shave them off and make a new sweater.  Ugly trinkets covered in dust (they’re dusty, you forgot about them, there is no love, let them go).  Chipped dishes.  Broken make-up. Mostly empty containers.  Even if you have to go with less stuff, it’ll all make you feel good.  You’ll forget about the crap.  Let the crappy, broke feeling, broken stuff go.

Release. Release.  Release!!!  Enjoy!!

If you’re going to have success in your business and achieve your goals you’ll need a few essential pieces. For one, you need intense focus. When you’re focused on a particular outcome you’ve got to be ready to play full out and make a very deep commitment to getting results.

Next you need awareness. What are you doing right and how are you holding yourself back? If you don’t know this you can spend a lot of time working extremely hard with no results, a lot of exhaustion, and a feeling of emptiness inside – “what am I doing wrong?”

Once you’ve developed awareness, it’s all about self-mastery. Having awareness without making the necessary changes will not enhance your life. What are you aware of that you need to change right now?

And, finally it’s about time mastery. It’s about using your time effectively, making fast decisions and commitments and changing your mind slowly. To start getting fast results you’ve got to make fast decisions. If you’re ready to make a life changing decision and get some fast results apply for your complimentary decision-making session immediately. Fast decisions get fast results.

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